Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter Lilli!

On Good Friday nine years ago I drove 2+ hours in to small town Indiana to pick up my baby Lilli, named after an Easter Lily.    I was a single girl who put a lot of thought into the best breed for me.    I strongly considered getting a pair of mini-daschund's prior to this - boy how different my life would have been had I gone down that path....Lilli  changed the course of everything!    In the end, I loved the idea of a 'lazy bulldog' that didn't need a big yard.

I don't quite remember how I found this breeder, but knowing what I know now, I can say I was extremely lucky that they were decent people and that Lilli was healthy.   She was the last left in her litter, named Mercy on her papers,  and I was in love from the moment I saw her pictures.       She looked like a little white piglet with pinky skin... I was surprised to see her speckles appear as she grew up.

I have been very fortunate with Lilli's health as compared to a typical bulldog, and she had no issues until a couple of years ago when we found bladder stones.    My love for Lilli and the english bulldog breed changed my path in life!    I married a guy who had to love my dog and not mind when she wanted to crawl into bed (after all, it's her domain, lol!).   I started volunteering for Chicago English Bulldog Rescue and have since tried to educate everyone I know on the breed and the challenges of having an EBD.    

Lilli & I have encountered our share of challenges this past year or two as she ages, but she will always be mommy's girl!

Here's her photo coming home: 
Her 'new baby' gift:

Here she is about 6 months old:

The heart shaped speckle:

Last summer (she loves the pool and jolly egg!)

And here she is today! 

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