Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Dreaded Garage, Props to My DH

I know, I started this blog with the intention of posting a lot of 'house stuff' and haven't delivered.   Recovering from a double-move-downsize this year has more difficult than I anticipated.   I have to admit that ignorance was bliss for me going into this last year of our lives.    The truth is, I haven't felt like any room is 'finished' to post.    Maybe I'll just start posting 'so far this looks like' photos...! 

So this brings me to the garage.    I want to take a minute to say I'm so proud of my husband who has finally taken charge of the garage.   It was a scary place and every time I pulled in, I was afraid I would hit something  (and sorry, but I did whack a couple of things here and there).    He went as far as organizing the tool chest.. and had a friend, who we are grateful to, spend two days building shelves and reinforcing the top so we can store more 'stuff' up there.  

It made a huge difference, and while we still need to go through things, it provides for a large and desperately needed sense of accomplishment.   So here you go:



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